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Tecnidro offers pressure and flow control, pump control and surge - anticipating solutions with distribution system valves, pumping system valves...
Tecnidro develops and markets a complete range of irrigation valves and accessories, including metallic hydraulic valves, plastic hydraulic valves...
Tecnidro offers high performance self-acting valves for fire protection systems, including: deluge valves, solenoid valves, remote-control valves...
Tecnidro offers precision tangential water meters, hydrometers, saddle water meters, woltmann water meters, instant flow rate indicators and flow limiters

Via Girolamo Gastaldi 26F - 16163 Genova Italy - Tel. +39 010 6017016 - Fax +39 010 6016021
P.Iva 02843850104 - Nr. REA : 300268 - Uff. Reg. Imp. di Genova - Cap. Soc.: € 119.000,00 e.v

Waterworks - Irrigation - Fire Protection - Filtration - Water Meters
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